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Jr. Dragster

Crew are not allowed to touch the car once pre staged in Eliminations. If seen by track personnel 1 warning will be given and after that appropriate measures will be taken.

Jr. Dragsters will push to the burnout area for line up.

We do allow siblings to separate as much as possible in the staging lanes once cars are unloaded from car dolly as this is the kids/parent's responsibility to do so in a timely manner.

If tech cards are not turned in you forfeit your ability to race.

Deep staging is allowed but not guaranteed in all classes. It is the racers responsibility to get deep and write DEEP on vehicle. This is also the crews responsibility to handle in a timely manner, not to soon and not to late.

Staging battles: Once starter sees a staging battle is going on the racers will be given appropriate time to stage, once starter motions both racers in you will have appropriate time to stage then the red lights will be activated if their is a no stage. Both racers will be backed out and ran when track personnel sees fit to do so. If said process happens again both drivers will be disqualified.​
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