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Tuners Prep


All Money will be paid out to the winner of each class

All Splits need to be handled between racers in all classes!

N/T 275

$200 Entry 100% Payback

@ 10 Cars add $1000

.400 Pro Tree Start

28x10.5 non w or 275

Cars must meet the spirit of the class

N/T Extreme Street 5.2

$100 Entry 100% Payback

.400 Pro Tree Start

ET cap. 5.2 sec. 1/8th mile

Factory Style Roof & Quarters

28x10.5 non w or 275

17"+ wheel may run any tire

Must drive to and from lanes

OUTLAW 16 Doorslammers

Bracket style race full tree

$200 Entry 100% Payback

*None Qualifiers can drop back into Top ET 

*If you purchase a Top ET card and a Quick 16 Card

and do not qualify you will receive $150 Back


1/4 mile Anything Goes

$100 Entry

Payback is 100% of Entry Fee

Pro Tree .500

Factory Style Roof & Quarters

Tire size rule! Small tire, We are not looking to put an

exact number on it, What we are looking for is nothing taller

than a 29 tall tire and nothing to measure wider than 11"

The goal is to get as many cars as possible, tech will 

determine what tire is appropriate for the spirit of the class

if the size tire doesn't fall within said guidelines. Just not 

looking for big tire cars. Tire manufactures has made this 

difficult to police and label with all the different possibilities.

17"+ wheel may run any tire size

Must drive to and from lanes

-Track has final say on rule interpretation in all classes!

Friday Night

Gates open 5pm

Test & Tune $50

Track live at 6:30pm to 11pm



Gates open 12pm

Qualifying 2pm 

Saturday test and tune card $100


☆run order subject to change based on

car entries per class. 


Test & Tune $100

Anyone can purchase a Test & Tune Card

for extra hits at the track, once eliminations begin no 

more Test & Tune as long as you are in competition. 


Projected: Run Order:

Track Prep

Top ET

1/4 Sportsman


Jr. Dragster

Track Prep

Outlaw 16 Doorslammer

Haltech N/T 275

N/T Extreme Street 5.2

1/4 Anything Goes

Test & Tune Class


NO REFUNDS FOR ENTRY FEES ONCE YOUR CAR HAS MADE AN APPEARANCE ON THE RACING SURFACE. No spectator or crew refunds are issued regardless of situation.

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