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We are working on the 60th Anniversary DIAMOND Race Season with all our Marketing Partners and are crazy excited about the 60th Anniversary 2023 Diamond Race Season 


Below you will find our SILVER Marketing Plan that comes with huge benefits and why it's so important to be out showcasing your brand in front of thousands of potential customers that roll through the gates at Kentucky Dragway plus 1,000's on our LIVE feed. 


We are doing a 60th Anniversary sublimated T-Shirt that will have all our Marketing Partners listed. We also are doing the Stack the Track Cars and Coffee presented by Backroads of Appalachia! This is huge to have them on board, Would looooove to have you on board for that. Our goal is 1200 cars on the track. 


For 2023 we can get you in on a 4x8 sign, Marketing Partner on the Anniversary sublimated shirts and of course our live feed spots. 


All this for $1000! That's less than $100 a month. Let us know your thoughts. If this direction sounds doable for you just drop us a email or give us a call easy and simple through the blue circle with 3 dots on it located on the bottom left hand side of your screen on mobile phones.


What more exposure? We got ya covered with all kinds of creative options from race coverage to lane rights and more. Give us a call.......


~Team Kentucky Dragway 

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