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Jr. Dragster

updated 4/17/2023
Crew are not allowed to touch the car once pre staged in Eliminations. If seen by track personnel 1 warning will be given and after that appropriate measures will be taken.

Driver heads out of cage:  If we have to tell a parent that the kids head needs to be within in the roll cage means more than likely his or hers shoulder belts are not tight enough! One warning will be given and if it still happens then disqualification will be our only resource.
Yes a little of the helmet can at times get out as the front hoop bar is not built out far enough on most Jr. Dragsters, but half of your kids helmet sticking out is uncalled for and unsafe. 

We do allow siblings to separate as much as possible in the staging lanes once cars are unloaded from car dolly as this is the kids/parent's responsibility to do so in a timely manner.

If tech cards are not turned in you forfeit your ability to race.


Deep staging is allowed but not guaranteed.

It is the racers responsibility to get deep and write DEEP in BIG letters on both sides of vehicle.

This is also the drivers responsibility to handle in a timely manner, courtesy staging will be enforced. 

It's the competitors responsibility to notify their competition they are going deep if they choose to do so. 

“Courtesy Staging” is mandatory in all categories. If a competitor unintentionally lights both bulbs before the opponent stages, the starter will attempt to pull the vehicle back and allow to re-stage once.

What is Courtesy staging? both drivers must be pre staged before going forward to stage and then deep stage.

DEEP STAGING: Is allowed but not guaranteed. There will be an attempt to de-activate the auto start system for Deep Staging but in no way this action by the starter is guaranteed when deep staging vehicle proceeds forward, you can't take all day bumping in! Deep staging is supposed to be one motion going forward once pre-staged. Deep staging vehicles will have a very short time allotted to go deep before starter activates auto-start. Absolutely no re runs if said racer doesn't get deep staged.


Once the entry is pre-staged, crew members must be behind the vehicle and out of both competitor’s view. Pull Back in the case of over-staging are permitted one time if time permits. If the auto-start system cycles during the pulling back, the run will stand.



Staging battles: Once starter sees a staging battle is going on the racers will be given appropriate time to stage, once starter motions both racers in you will have appropriate time to stage then the red lights will be activated if their is a no stage. Both racers will be backed out and ran when track personnel sees fit to do so. If said process happens again both drivers will be disqualified.​
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