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POINTS Club Membership 2023


Team Kentucky Dragway POINTS Club Membership 2023!!!


$35 to Enter


How to sign up:

Sign up at the FRONT GATE (with IHRA License, IHRA X Number & Class) and pay $35 Points Club Membership. Make sure that Kentucky Dragway is listed as your home track, this will be checked with IHRA after May 1st.


Deadline is May 1st to sign up with IHRA and get your X number.


International Hot Rod Association - Membership Center ( 


Racers can sign up for Track Points without a IHRA membership and X number at any time after the May 1st due date, You just won't be able to attend the WORLD Finals if you Qualify per IHRA Rules.





*20% off Racer Entry Fee for all SUPERCHARGED SATURDAYS

*How much does this actually save you throughout the year for

signing up? 

Save $325 in Top ET

Save $260 in Modified

Save $130 in Footbrake, Sportsman, Jr. Dragster 

*Year end Awards;

GOLD CARDS, will only be awarded to those that attend the Bracket Finals.


Champion Jackets, Champion Trophy's and all Sponsor awards will be eligible to anyone in points regardless of bracket finals attendance.


Champions banner display at Kentucky Dragway Entry.

Participate in IHRA's $200,000 Summit Super Series Program


-Attend 6 or more Supercharged Saturday points events


-WIN a Supercharged Saturday points event in the class you are signed up for (1 of 13 possible, less rainouts)


Now you won a race what's next?

-All event winners that have attended 6 or more events and won a race in Top ET, Modified, Footbrake, Sportsman and Juniors will run off for Champion titles of each class in a Champion of Champions RACE.  Race winners will be chip drawn onto a ladder for Champion of Champion race.

-A racer that wins MULTIPLE events will have the same number of MULTIPLE entries in the Champion of Champions RACE 


-Bracket finals participants will be chosen based on the number of Supercharged Saturday events attended and races won.


WORLD Finals X Number Qualifier:

*Racers with the most events attended

*Racer with the most Supercharged Saturday event WINS

*Ties will be determined by run off.


(If Kentucky Dragway is not listed as your home track currently this can be easily changed by contacting IHRA)

BONUS: added 2/14/23

Attend all points events and qualify to race in Kentucky Dragway's Champion of Champions Race without winning!

Additional Information

*All points club members will receive 20% OFF their RACER ENTRY FEE at Summit Points Supercharged Saturday events!


**(20% off will be applied to your first entry in each class that you are registered for points in! Example, for Top ET: regular entry price is $125. Points 20% discount will be applied and entry price will be $100! If you chose to double, the price for your double will be $175 instead of the $200, since the double is already discounted. If you sign up for points in multiple classes, you will get to use that 20% off on your first entry in each class!)**


Classes contested are Top ET, Modified, 1/8 Mile Footbrake, 1/4 Mile Sportsman and Juniors.


*Points Club member families listen up!

Whan to raise personal travel funds for the Bracket World Finals?

Volunteer to help with 50/50 drawings to fundraise for the Bracket Finals Team T-Shirts, Food, Racer Entries, etc.


Example: Raise $1200 a night for the 50/50 raffle, $600 goes to the winner that is drawn and $300 to the team fund and $300 gas card for you if you attend the bracket finals at Dragway 42!  Must attend Bracket finals to receive gas card. If you fall short of the $1200 no big deal, you can fund raise again the next week and money will be accumulated up to the $300 mark.


This is not required but we do need your help and support to make it a success!

**Gold Card does not include shootouts or crew fees.**


**Racer must attend the Bracket Finals to receive end of the season awards and Gold cards!**

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